Energy Storage Technology (EST)


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CPH2 has developed the capability to engineer hydrogen-based energy storage systems as a clean alternative to battery-power storage systems for electric vehicles, off-grid and grid-based electricity storage. Hydrogen storage systems also facilitate the de-carbonsiation of the gas grid as hydrogen may be substituted partially or fully in place of methane. The CPH2 solution is a set of scaleable processes, systems and technologies which have been developed for efficient electrolysis, drying, purification and separation of hydrogen (from oxygen) and storage.

The equipment design is highly flexible design and can be tailored to chosen site and specific requirements for operation in the chosen markets. CPH2’s hydrogen systems provide a viable, cost effective and low-carbon alternative to batteries for technology-agnostic applications, with many distinct advantages:

  • Competes favourably on economic and environmental grounds against other means of energy storage and other means of hydrogen production
  • Environmentally-friendly, as the only consumables are electricity and water with no degradation over time and use
  • Design life is 30 years for a system which is also not prone to early failure
  • Additional storage capacity is low cost and a small proportion of the total project cost
  • There is only a very small reduction in performance over life
  • Rare precious metals are not required
  • Oxygen is a valued by-product
  • The system is significantly less expensive than its competitors
  • Operations and maintenance are low cost and straightforward